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Accuracy Challenge Rules

What is the Accuracy Challenge?
The Accuracy Challenge is a game designed to pit redditor vs. redditor in a fantasy football competition. Every week, you'll answer a set of 15 WDIS questions so we can keep a record of your picks and track your fantasy football accuracy to see how you compare to other redditors on a weekly and season-long basis.
What scoring system do you use to determine fantasy points?
Fantasy scores will be determined using PPR scoring. View full scoring settings on our wiki.
When can I play?
Each week's contest will open on Wednesday at 10AM PT. You have until the 10AM PT kickoff on Sunday to get your entry and any edits in. We exclude players involved in Thursday Night or London games.
What can I win?
The winner of each week will receive special flair noting their success. The remaining Top 10 will receive also flair noting their top 10 performance for the week. Cumulative and Highest Average score top 10 winners will also earn permanent trophy flair at the end of the year.
How will season-long accuracy be tracked?
We will keep track of both cumulative and weekly average scores. Cumulative will be a total of all your points, so make sure to enter every week! Weekly average will take the average of the weeks you have entered and will require a minimum of 8 entries.