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User Info

Where can I change my reddit username / email address?

Reddit Username: To change your reddit username, please message modmail from your old username, with the username you'd like to change to.

Email / Other Info: Everything can be updated on your user page.

Waitlist & Invites

Can I be added to the waitlist?

Sorry, No. The waitlist is already longer than we could ever need.

Where am I on the waitlist?

You can see your spot on the wait list here.

How does the waitlist work?

Once the lotto winners have been chosen, everyone who did not make it into the Farm League is automatically placed on the waitlist. We use the waitlist to fill spots when managers drop out mid-season. This is first come, first served, from when you signed up during the lotto. Once the lotto has closed, the waitlist is also closed.

Where is the password for my league / invite?

Please go back and read the invite page. You can find it there.

When do you send invites?

Farm Invites: Please see this year's announcement for the date.

Spotfills & Additional Waves: We typically give 24-48 hours for each wave to accept their invite. As deadlines loom, we will send more than one invite per available slot, these will be on a first come, first served basis until the spots are filled.


There is a missing manager in my league, what do I do?

Before the Season: We are working on filling all leagues. This takes some time to do because we give everyone 24 or 48 hours to accept their invites. Have no fear, it will be filled before your draft.

During the Season: Thanks for the heads up, but don't worry, we know.

Exception: If a deadline (game start / draft / etc.) is looming (less than ~6 hours away) shoot us a message through modmail and we'll look into.

Can I be in the same league as my friend/brother/wife?

No. There is just too much potential for collusion.

Can I have a Co-Manager?

No. Please do not do this, it will almost surely get you dropped by accident, it causes too many issues with our backend management tools.


When is my draft? Can we change our draft date?

We will set a default draft date for all the leagues, typically a week or so before the regular season begins. If you can get your league to agree on a new date, you can submit this form and we'll change the date for you.

Note: You must have 12 managers in your league and a majority agreeing to the change. We will ignore any requests that do not have 12 managers.

Submitting dates that are not agreed upon by your league is a bannable offense.

Does our draft order change?

Farm Leagues:Your draft order will randomize once you have 12 managers in your league.

Other Leagues:We will randomize all draft orders at once when all non-farm leagues are full.

Note:Randomization CAN NOT be undone.

Is trading draft spots allowed?


Can we do an email draft?

No. As they currently work now, there is no way to guarantee they will be done by the time the regular season starts.


I don't want to be in the NarFFL anymore, how do I leave?

If you simply drop your team, it will just be handled automatically. If you have any issues however, please send us message through modmail and we'll handle everything else.